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For example, the expression:

is lifted to:

The list comprehension notation we saw in Section More Expressions is more general, and applies to anything which has an implementation of both Monad and Alternative :

In general, a comprehension takes the form [ exp | qual1, qual2, …, qualn ] where quali can be one of:

To translate a comprehension [exp | qual1, qual2, …, qualn] , first any qualifier qual which is a guard is translated to guard qual , using the following function:

Then the comprehension is converted to do notation:

Using monad comprehensions, an alternative definition for m_add would be:

While do notation gives an alternative meaning to sequencing, idioms give an alternative meaning to application . The notation and larger example in this section is inspired by Conor McBride and Ross Paterson’s paper “Applicative Programming with Effects” Best Selling Checked Jacquardknit Bomber Jacket Brown Prada Cheapest Price For Sale Sale Sneakernews Discount Buy lz2IT8

First, let us revisit m_add above. All it is really doing is applying an operator to two values extracted from Maybe Int . We could abstract out the application:

Using this, we can write an alternative m_add which uses this alternative notion of function application, with explicit calls to m_app :

Rather than having to insert m_app everywhere there is an application, we can use idiom brackets to do the job for us. To do this, we can give Maybe an implementation of Applicative as follows, where <*> is defined in the same way as m_app above (this is defined in the Idris library):

Using <*> we can use this implementation as follows, where a function application [| f a1 …an |] is translated into pure f <*> a1 <*> <*> an :

Idiom notation is commonly useful when defining evaluators. McBride and Paterson describe such an evaluator [1] , for a language similar to the following:

In Commonwealth nations, commissioned officers are given Bayou Shirred Floralprint Silkcrepon Pants Light gray Zimmermann For Cheap For Sale Clearance Store Online Outlet Limited Edition 8mAyY
(also known as commissioning scripts) signed by the Online Shop Best Wholesale Carven Woman Velvetpaneled Pleated Crepe Mini Skirt Black Size 40 Carven For Sale Footlocker oeeq74JaU6
or the Celestina blazer Black Rebecca Vallance Buy Cheap Low Cost Buy Cheap In China Clearance Pick A Best Z0xlS4xpaz
acting on the monarch's behalf. Upon receipt, this is an official legal document that binds the mentioned officer to the commitment stated on the scroll.

Non-commissioned members rise from the lowest ranks in most nations. Education standards for non-commissioned members are typically lower than for officers (with the exception of specialised military and highly-technical trades; such as aircraft, weapons or electronics engineers). Enlisted members only receive leadership training after they are promoted to positions of responsibility, or as a prerequisite for such. In the past (and in some countries today but to a lesser extent), non-commissioned members were almost exclusively conscripts , whereas officers were volunteers.

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A non-commissioned officer (NCO) is an enlisted member of the armed forces holding a position of some degree of authority who has (usually) obtained it by advancement from within the non-commissioned ranks. Officers who are non-commissioned usually receive management and leadership training, but their function is to serve as supervisors within their area of trade specialty. Senior NCOs serve as advisers and leaders from the duty section level to the highest levels of the armed forces establishment, while lower NCO grades are not yet considered management specialists. The duties of an NCO can vary greatly in scope, so that an NCO in one country may hold almost no authority, while others such as the United States and the United Kingdom consider their NCOs to be "the backbone of the military" due to carrying out the orders of those officers appointed over them. For Sale The Cheapest Factory Outlet For Sale Chan Luu Satin Sleeveless Top Clearance Release Dates e6YD7

In most maritime forces (navies and coast guards), the NCO ranks are called petty officers while enlisted ranks prior to attaining NCO/petty officer status typically known as seaman, or some derivation thereof. In most traditional infantry, marine and air forces, the NCO ranks are known as Nina Ricci Woman Ribbed Wool And Silkblend Sweater Black Size L Nina Ricci Classic Discount Order Sale Buy Comfortable For Sale dciEHK7OOn
and corporals , with non-NCO enlisted ranks referred to as privates and airmen.

However, some countries use the term commission to describe the promotion of enlisted soldiers. Especially in countries with mandatory service in the armed forces. These countries refer to their NCOs as professional soldiers, rather than as officers.

Main article: See by Chloé Silk Mini Dress Lowest Price Cheap Online Affordable Cheap Price Buy Cheap Pay With Paypal Order Sale Online Best Wholesale WXIdtokM

In some branches of many armed forces, there exists a third grade of officer known as a warrant officer. In the armed forces of the United States, warrant officers are initially appointed by the Secretary of the service and then commissioned by the President of the United States upon promotion to chief warrant officer. In many other countries (as in the armed forces of the Commonwealth nations), warrant officers often fill the role of very senior non-commissioned officers. Their position is affirmed by Majestic Filatures Woman Stretchjersey Top Light Gray Size 2 Majestic Filatures Outlet Cheap Authentic Buy Cheap Get To Buy 9bbMZ0
from the bureaucracy directing the force—for example, the position of regimental sergeant major in regiments of the British Army is held by a warrant officer appointed by the For Sale Finishline With Credit Card Cheap Online Embroidered Cashmere Sweater Burgundy The Elder Statesman Buy Newest Discount Inexpensive 851hzHd

Subsection “Blocking apical constriction does not arrest SG invagination”, last paragraph. The authors state that "the significant 'wiggliness' of the AJs suggests a decrease of cortical tension." I think this is unlikely-in cultured mammalian cells, we and others have found that decreasing cortical tension (e.g., by Rok or myosin inhibition) leads to smoothly rounded cell borders – really wiggly cell borders are likely to reflect actin filaments oriented perpendicular to the membrane.

Subsection “Blocking apical constriction does not arrest SG invagination”. When during the process of convergent elongation of the organ primordium does Fog expression go off?

Subsection “Blocking apical constriction does not arrest SG invagination”. In interpreting their Dia-CA experiments the authors might take a look at Homem and Peifer (Development. 2008 Mar;135( 6 ):1005-18) in which it was observed that Dia-CA increased cortical myosin in the amnioserosa and altered apical constriction.

The only set of data I found was weak was the attempt to rescue Fog by SG specific Fog re-expression. Given the likelihood that levels and timing were not precisely replicated, I think the speculation about non-autonomous functions was not well supported and I would suggest removing this data.

Discussion. The authors mention a number of times the incredibly provocative fact that they may have identified a GPCR related to Mist expressed in the SG. This would be very interesting, but the degree of discussion of this unpublished data in the manuscript seemed unwarranted unless they wanted to add this data.

Subsection “Additional morphogenetic processes take place during SG invagination”, last paragraph. The authors should add the data showing that the tissue level circumferential myosin cable does form in fog mutants – this is a key part of their model. More generally, I think a more careful description of the progression of junctional myosin in wildtype and mutants would be beneficial – it appeared, for example, that it was AP planar polarized before the process began.

The final circuitry diagram in KAUFMANFRANCO ColdShoulder Long Sleeve Top Aaa Quality eBL7xow
is nice but would be better if supplemented with a diagram showing the cell shape changes themselves and how the authors think apical constriction and tissue level constriction work together.

Reviewer #2:

The manuscript describes the cell biology behind the invagination of salivary gland primordia in the Drosophila embryo. The changes in cell morphology that occur during this process has been published previously, but the present paper incorporates new features (e. g., the pulsatile apical medial myosin networks) that allow comparison to other well characterized morphogenetic movements in Drosophila , especially the ventral furrow and posterior midgut. In many respects (e. g., the involvement of RoK and Folded gastrulation) the SC pathway shows a regulation of apical constriction and myosin activity very similar to these other processes.


For instructions on how to create the correct DNS records in your DNS provider and add the domain to your Office 365 trial subscription, see Add users and domain to Office 365 .

Here is your resulting configuration.

Figure 2: Directory synchronization for the Office 365 dev/test environment

Figure 2 shows the directory synchronizationc for Office 365 dev/test environment, which includes Office 365 and CLIENT1, APP1, and DC1 virtual machines in an Azure virtual network.

An AD FS server provides federated authentication between Office 365 and the accounts in the domain hosted on DC1.

To create an Azure virtual machine for ADFS1, fill in the name of your subscription and the resource group and Azure location for your Base Configuration, and then run these commands at the Azure PowerShell command prompt on your local computer.


Click for a text file that contains all the PowerShell commands in this article.

Next, use the Azure portal to connect to the ADFS1 virtual machine using the ADFS1 local administrator account name and password, and then open a Windows PowerShell command prompt.

To check name resolution and network communication between ADFS1 and DC1, run the ping command and verify that there are four replies.


Next, join the ADFS1 virtual machine to the CORP domain with these commands at the Windows PowerShell prompt on ADFS1.

Figure 3: Adding the AD FS server

Figure 3 shows the addition of the ADFS1 server to the DirSync for Office 365 dev/test environment.

PROXY1 provides proxying of authentication messages between users attempting to authenticate and ADFS1.

To create an Azure virtual machine for PROXY1, fill in the name of your resource group and Azure location, and then run these commands at the Azure PowerShell command prompt on your local computer.


PROXY1 is assigned a static public IP address because you will create a public DNS record that points to it and it must not change when you restart the PROXY1 virtual machine.

Next, add a rule to the network security group for the CorpNet subnet to allow unsolicited inbound traffic from the Internet to PROXY1's private IP address and TCP port 443. Run these commands at the Azure PowerShell command prompt on your local computer.

Next, use the Azure portal to connect to the PROXY1 virtual machine using the PROXY1 local administrator account name and password, and then open a Windows PowerShell command prompt on PROXY1.

To check name resolution and network communication between PROXY1 and DC1, run the ping command and verify that there are four replies.

Next, join the PROXY1 virtual machine to the CORP domain with these commands at the Windows PowerShell prompt on PROXY1.

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